3 Safety Features to Look for in a Used Car

When it comes to choosing a quality used car, one of the most important factors you can consider is safety. From air bags to video systems that assist you with backing, there are a variety of safety features to choose from. If you are ready to start browsing used cars, we’d like to offer you a few tips about what to look for in a vehicle if safety is your main priority.


  1. Anti-Lock Brakes


Anti-lock brakes are available on many car models, and they can be an important safety feature during bad weather. An anti-lock braking system prevents a car’s wheels from staying in one position during sudden braking. Without them, the car may spin or become unresponsive during an emergency. An ABS is available in a wide variety of vehicles.


  1. Frontal Computer Air Bags


Frontal air bags can help protect you and you passenger from face and head injuries during an accident. However, air bags that are run by your car’s computer system can detect whether the passenger seat is empty or the size and weight of that passenger so the air bag deploys at the proper position and speed in case of an accident. You can find these air bags in most car models released in 2000 or later.


  1. Tire Pressure Monitor


Getting a flat or a blowout without warning can cause you to veer off the road or even make your car spin out of control. If you are concerned about this safety issue, ask our dealers which used cars feature a tire pressure monitor. This feature lets you know when a tire is underinflated or losing pressure. This can alert you of an impending flat or if there is something wrong with your tires.


Used cars of all makes and models have a variety of safety features that keep you and your passengers protected. Keeping these tips in mind as you shop can help you buy a vehicle that can give you peace of mind, no matter where you drive it.

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