The Economics of Used Cars

Used cars are still one of the great deals around. We believe that almost everyone can afford a used car, one that is reliable, dependable, stylish, safe and affordable. A quality used vehicle can fit into just about any budget, from first-time car buyers, to college students, to seniors on a fixed pension. Even if you have a lot of money, a used automobile still makes sense.


Low Initial Payment


It’s easy to get by with a low down payment on a used vehicle. There are even situations where buyers don’t have to put down anything at all. This means more money in the bank. If you are hesitating to get the car you want because of a shortage of spare cash, do not be deterred. Our finance department will work with you so you can buy the car you want.




Loans for used cars often come with a low interest rate, which means monthly payments can be affordable. Our finance department can tailor a loan to each person’s specific needs. Because vehicles are so much better nowadays, you don’t need to worry as much about having a long-term loan. A good used car can often last for five or more years.




It is always important to maintain a vehicle with regular appointments. Our service department will help you keep tabs on regular maintenance such as an oil change is due. We can also offer deals and discounts and notify you when your brakes are low or your windshield wiper is worn. A regular schedule of maintenance can keep your car running safely, as well as cut down on expensive and unnecessary repair bills.


In addition to the above, used cars often have much lower insurance costs, as well as lower registration and license fees. Depreciation isn’t as severe as when buying used, another positive factor for your budget.

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