Tips for Finding the Best Used Car

Shopping for used cars isn’t always easy, but it is rewarding when done right. There are plenty of good and bad preowned cars on the market, so you have to have a strategy to make sure you’re getting the best vehicle available to you. Before you head out to all the used lots, here are some tips you should think about.


Shop in the Right Age Range


If you buy a car that was only driven for a month or two, you’ll probably end up paying a premium. Alternatively, if you buy something that’s 15 years old, there’s no telling how much longer it’s going to survive. Aim for cars that are in the sweet spot, somewhere between two and eight years old.


Understand the Generic Value


Once you see a car that seems right, you need to know what it’s generally going for before you sign any paperwork. If you don’t know what other people are paying for the same model, even if it is in good shape, you could end up paying too much. It’s best to educate yourself on all the cars you like.


Learn About Trade-In Value


You might think your old car is just a beater no one wants, but that car could still have some value. Even if you don’t get a lot of money for it, trading in an old vehicle can help reduce rates for used cars significantly. Don’t underestimate the worth of your old car.


Skip the Bells and Whistles


Lots of cars start out cheap and then end up costing too much because of all the add-ons consumers can’t help but buy. Do your best to turn down those offers so you can get the car you want at a good price.


These tips will help you stay sharp as you look at the used cars in your area. Keep your eyes on the prize and you’ll find a car that works.

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